Vietnam Embassy contact in Cambodia

Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia

Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia contact details including the main office, telephone number and email address. This is the diplomatic representative of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Cambodia where you can apply for Vietnam visa and get assistance for other consular business.

Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia functions as a bridge between the Vietnamese Government and its counterpart in Cambodia. It is also the place where the travelers can apply for a visa to Vietnam before the departure.

Embassy of Vietnam in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Address: 436 Monivong Blvd., Khan Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone: (855) 23 726 284
Fax: (855) 2372 6273

Consulate General of Vietnam in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia

Address: 310 Ekreach- Khan Mittapheap, Sihanouk City, Cambodia
Phone: (855) 3493 3669
Fax: (855) 3493 3669

Consulate General of Vietnam in Batambang, Cambodia

Address: Road No.3, Batambang Province, Cambodia
Phone: (855) 5395 2894
Fax: (855) 5395 2894

Cambodian passport holders can apply for a Vietnam visa by following ways:

1. Apply online for a Vietnam visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is an alternative way to obtain a visa to Vietnam in addition to the traditional way of obtaining a visa at Vietnam Embassy. This is the most preferred way that the Cambodian travelers are using to get a visa for Vietnam. At present, Vietnam visa on arrival is available for those who travel by air only.

2. Apply for Vietnam e-visa

From August 15, 2023, all the nationalities including Cambodian citizens are eligible for 90 days (single or multiple entry) e-visas for Vietnam.

In order to apply for Vietnam e-visa, the Cambodian citizens need to prepare:

  • Files of passport data page photo and passport-sized photo: The passport data page photo should show up 4 corners and borders of the main page in which all the information is displayed clearly without being flashed or obscured by fingers;
    The passport-sized photo must be taken in recently 6 months with eyes open, straight look, without wearing hat or glasses and be taken on a white or light coloured plain background;
  • Credit card or debit card that are enabled to conduct online payment. You can also make a payment via PayPal when you apply for an e-visa on our website;

How to apply e-visa for Vietnam?

Step 1: Fill the requirement information in the application form.
Step 2: Pay the visa fee and get e-visa in maximum 3 – 5 working days.
Step 3: Receive an email containing e-visa upon successful application. Please print out the e-visa, bring along with your passport to get on the plane.
Step 4: Present your e-visa at the immigration counter to get entry into Vietnam.

How to apply for urgent e-visa for Vietnam in 1 working day or few hours?

Normally, it takes 3 – 5 working days to complete an e-visa and you will receive an email to inform you that the visa is completed. You just need to enter your visa application code, email and date of birth to download your e-visa file.
After downloading your e-visa, you please check the visa information against your passport carefully. Any of spelling mistake, typos, incorrect passport number, date of arrival, entry ports… will not be accepted and it matters as the airlines will NOT let you board the plane with a wrong e-visa. What you should do if your granted visa contains mistakes?

  • If you have enough time, you should apply for a new e-visa immediately.
  • If there are only a few hours to your flight check-in time you may need our urgent e-visa service.

With the urgent Vietnam visa service, you are guaranteed to receive an e-visa within 1 working day, 4 working hours or even 2 working hours that will help you avoid missing your flight and breaking your whole trip.

3. Apply for Vietnam visa directly at the Vietnamese Embassy

For those who want to get a Vietnam visa beforehand or who want to travel to Vietnam by land or sea, they may go to the nearest Vietnamese Embassy to apply for the visa in person.

Vietnam visa requirements for Cambodia passports

As the Vietnam immigration policy, the Cambodian citizens can enter Vietnam with visa free for a maximum of 30 days, single entry. Those who stay in the country more than 30 days or travel Vietnam for business purposes will need a visa. Here is the detailed Vietnam visa requirements for Cambodian citizens...

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