Vietnam Embassy contact in Bhutan

Vietnam Embassy in Bhutan

We are sorry to inform that at present, there is no Vietnam Embassy in Bhutan!

The foreigners are suggested to contact the nearest Vietnamese representative office in neighboring countries: Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Laos, China and Thailand to get pre-stamped visa or apply for Vietnam visa on arrival to simplify your visa process.
See more information about Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries:

Visa on arrival is an alternative way to obtain a visa to Vietnam in addition to the traditional way of obtaining a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates. It is especially beneficial for those who live far away from the Vietnamese Embassy.

Each option has its own pros and cons:

DescriptionVisa on arrivalTraditional visa

  • No need to send your original passport off;

  • Visa application process is very simple and fast, what you need is just an internet connected computer or smart phone;

  • Processing fee is very cheap, from 15 USD or less;

  • No dealing with the immigration officers and no hidden charge or extra fee;

  • Beneficial for those who are staying far away from the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates;

  • Visa approval letter can be arranged in 1 or 2 hours so it is really helpful in emergency cases

  • Get full and professional support 24/7

  • Having visa already stamped onto your passport before getting on plane;


  • Queuing in front of Vietnam Immigration Counter at arrival airport to have visa stamp;

  • The applicants couldn’t apply for a visa by themselves but through an authorized visa agency in Vietnam;

  • Applicable for those who travel Vietnam by air only

  • Dealing with Vietnam Embassy officers directly

  • Parting with your original passport;

  • Having to visit the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate or sending documents by post;

  • Taking lengthy process, not suitable for urgent entry

  • Don't have full support since the Vietnam Embassy officers are too busy with the paperwork

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