When 30 days e-visa expire in February 2019?

Vietnam e-visa length in February 2019

I have just submitted e-visa application for Vietnam from 15 February 2019. As there are 28 days in February, I don’t know when 30 days e-visa expire?
Thank you for your question regarding Vietnam e-visa length.
Since Vietnam e-visa is valid for maximum 30 days so that if you propose to travel Vietnam from 15 February 2019 your visa will be valid through 17 March 2019.
Please see the e-visa processed by www.e-visasvietnam.com below with the validity from 16 February 2019 until 18 March 2019:
Vietnam e-visa validity in February 2019

However, with 1 month visa on arrival, it is valid from 15 February 2019 until 15 March 2019 only. If you would like to stay in Vietnam full 30 days in February, you should apply for 1 month e-visa or 3 month visa on arrival.