What happen if I overstayed my Vietnam visa?

What happen if I overstayed my Vietnam visa?

Overstaying your Vietnam visa is serious offence and it can be subject heavy fines and may cause problems if you want to return Vietnam again.

Below some information you should notice on Vietnam visa overstay:

1. Please check your visa stamp, visa sticker against visa approval letter (for VOA) to make sure that the visa validity is correct. Sometime your visa approval letter said you are allowed to stay in Vietnam 30 days but the visa stamp and visa sticker have got 28 days only. If you don’t look back your visa stamp and visa sticker, you may stay thoughtlessly until the end of day 30th and you get a problem when you go through the immigration counter;

2. The United States arriving Vietnam with 1 year tourist visa are allowed to stay in the country maximum 90 days each visit. You can stay continuously with 1 year business visa only;

3. Travelers who overstayed for 1 – 2 days can pay the fines directly at the immigration counter at the airport when they fly out. The fines will vary on the time you overstayed. Obviously, the longer you overstayed, the more fines you have to pay. If you overstayed long, your passport will get immigration remark and you may have problem with your next entry. You can also have your visa extended before leaving the country however, the visa extension service fee may far outweigh the fines you pay at the airport;

4. Below are the fines for the different overstay:
Overstaying up to 10 days: 1,250,000 VND (55 USD) fines;
Overstaying up to 1 month: 4,000,000 VND (175 USD) fines;
Overstaying from 1 to 3 months: 10,000,000 VND (440 USD) fines