What should I do if I don’t have time to print out the letter and have no photo?

Fast track service helps customers providing documents, photos and stamping fee upon arrival

We are 2 Brazilian visitors who’re arriving in Vietnam this morning. We have visa approval letter arranged at the last minutes but we don’t have time to print out the letter of approval and we don’t bring with our photo?
How can we get visa stamp upon arrival airport?
Da Silva
Dear Da Silva,
Printed visa approval letter is required to get on the plane and pickup visa stamp upon arrival airport. However, if you don’t have enough time to take a photo and you cannot find out printer to print out the letter of approval, you should order our fast track service.
When you ordered this fast track service, we send our agent to meet you in front of the immigration counter. He will bring a welcome board displaying your name on.
The printer service is: 5 USD/ letter of approval;
The photo service is: 5 USD/ person;
The fast track service is: 25 USD/ person;
In case you don’t have cash for the stamping fee with, we can pay it for you too.
The stamping fee for 1 – 3 months single entry visa is: 25 USD/ person;
The stamping fee for 1 – 3 months multiple entry visa is: 50 USD/ person;

That would be very helpful if you could take a photo of the position where you are standing that our agent can locate easily!