How foreign students apply for DH visa for Vietnam?

How foreign students apply for DH visa for Vietnam?

DH visa is granted to foreign students to study in Vietnam for 1 year and the validity of Temporary Resident Card for DH visa owner is maximum 5 years. In order to apply for DH visa, the foreign students will need to follow the visa issuance process stated below

Step 1: The sponsoring organizations (Vietnamese university/ college/ institute…) send the letter of invitation to the foreign students in both Vietnamese and English that is signed and sealed by the organization authority;

Step 2: The students send back the scan of passport to the organizations via email;

Step 3: The sponsoring organizations prepare the documents for DH visa application including:
– Visa application form (original);
– Scan of passport;
– The letter of introduction from the sponsoring organizations appoints their staff to work with the Vietnam Immigration Department;
– Admission notice in Vietnamese;

Step 4: Submit the documents at the Vietnam Immigration Department. The visa approval letter will be ready within 7 working days;

Step 5: Receive the visa approval letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department;

Step 6: Copy of visa approval letter will be sent to the students via email. The students then print it out and bring along with original passport to the Vietnam Embassy in their country to obtain DH visa. In case there is no Vietnam Embassy established in the student’s country, the sponsoring organization will ask for permission for the students to pickup visa at arrival airport.

Step 7: Check the visa information to make sure it is correct and ready to get entry Vietnam for study.