Vietnam visa requirements for Kenyan citizens

Vietnam visa requirement for the Kenya passports

The citizens of Kenya is not included in the visa exemption list; therefore, all Kenyan need to apply visa to Vietnam for either tourism or business purpose.

Vietnam Embassy has NOT been established in Kenya;
Vietnam visa is required for all Kenyan citizens;
Kenyan citizens are NOT eligible for e-visa;
Kenyan citizens can get visa on arrival;

At present, there are 3 options for the Kenyan citizens applying for Vietnam visa:

1. Apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy:

Since there is no representative office of Vietnam’s government in Kenya at present, the foreigners (including Kenyan citizens and other nationalities residing in Kenya) are suggested to contact the nearest Vietnamese Embassy in neighboring countries: Nigeria and Tanzania to get pre-stamped visa.

2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival:

If it is inconvenient for you to visit the Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries, you may select Vietnam visa on arrival to simplify your visa application process.
Visa on arrival is an alternative way to obtain a visa to Vietnam in addition to the traditional way of obtaining a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates. Once issued, it has same validity with the visa get from Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates. However, visa on arrival is applicable for those who travel Vietnam by airplane only.

Sample of visa approval letter for Kenya passport
Sample of visa approval letter for Kenya passport issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department

Vietnam visa fee for Kenya passports

 Visa typeValidityProcessing feeStamping fee
11 month single entry tourist visa (DL visa)30 days95 USD25 USD
23 months single entry tourist visa (DL visa)85 - 90 days160 USD25 USD
31 month multiple entry tourist visa (DL visa)30 days115 USD50 USD
43 months multiple entry tourist visa (DL visa)85 - 90 days185 USD50 USD
(*) At present, you don't have to provide any extra documents to apply for Vietnam visa. It's very simple for the citizens of Africa, Middle East and Muslim countries to get entry visa for Vietnam these days!

3. Apply for e-visa for Vietnam

From 1 February 2017, the citizens from following countries are eligible to apply for the 30 days (single entry) e-visas for Vietnam. As Kenya is not in the list, Vietnam e-visa is NOT available for Kenyan passport holders at present.

Applying for Vietnam visa is never easier than ever! With the internet development and the significant positive change of Vietnam immigration policy, getting a visa for Vietnam is becoming more and more simple. The customers now have different options to apply for Vietnam visa at their most convenience and get entry for Vietnam from anywhere.

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Vietnam Embassy contact in Kenya

We are sorry to inform that at present, there is no Vietnam Embassy in Kenya. The foreigners are suggested to contact the nearest Vietnamese representative office in neighboring countries: Nigeria and Tanzania to get pre-stamped visa or apply for visa on arrival instead....

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