What should I do if I did not receive e-visa Vietnam timely?

What should I do if I did not receive e-visa Vietnam on time?

I applied for e-visa for Vietnam via government website on Sunday. My friend received it but not me. I am leaving in 3 days, what should I do now?
I am French passport holder.

Dear Morgan,
Thank you very much for your question regarding e-visa for Vietnam.
First of all, we would like to inform that the French passport holders can travel Vietnam with visa free for 15 days. If you travel Vietnam less than 15 days you don’t need a visa!
Sometime e-visa application via government website will be delayed. You may receive e-visa within 3 working days or little bit late. However, if you don’t receive your visa after a week, you should think about the alternative options:
1. Write an email to ask the Vietnam Immigration Department officers to check if your visa processed or not. Normally, this will not be helpful as the Vietnam Immigration Department online support is not good enough.
2. Start new visa application with a hope that they will deliver your visa on time this time.
3. Change to visa on arrival application that you are guaranteed to receive visa approval letter within 1 working day, 4 hours or even 1-2 hours.