How to fix “in processing” Vietnam visa application at last minutes?

How to fix “in processing” Vietnam visa application at last minutes?

When you completed your Vietnam e-visa application, you received an instruction to get back and download the visa within 3 working days. Then you buy a ticket to fly into Vietnam on the 3rd day in a hope that the Vietnam visa will arrive in time. However, “man propose, god dispose” and the visa can not arrive on the 3rd day as you planned. What can you do now?

1. Check the visa status
The first thing you should do is to check the visa status. You may get one of following notification:
– “passport data page unclear”;
– “e-visa issued for foreigners who are currently abroad, wishing to enter into Vietnam (not foreigner who are currently temporary resident in Vietnam)”;
– “incorrect full name”;
– “please provide a specific (expected) address in Vietnam”, “you are currently staying in Vietnam therefore you are requested to exit from Vietnam prior to your resubmission of documents”
If you got one of these warnings you need to click edit and correct the information to match the passport details; or provide the full address of the hotel/accommodation where you will stay; or leave the country and resubmit the visa application from outside of Vietnam. The processing time will be more 3 – 5 working days from the time of re-submission.
Tips: Always check the information carefully before you submitted the visa application and never book the flight until you received a visa. If you already book a flight ticket and the visa is still “in processing”, you can use the speed up service to get the visa done within 4 hours or 1 working day (even 2 working hours if you enter Vietnam via Hanoi Airport.

2. Upload the good photos
The photo of passport should be taken with full data page. It must be clear enough so that the Vietnam Immigration Department officers can read it easily. If you provided a photo that is messy, blurry or light flared, you will definitely be asked to amend it and the processing time will be extended.
Tips: Prepare a good photo of passport that show up 4 corners of the data page. All information on the photo of passport can be read easily and accurately. A portrait photo should be taken within 6 months, may be taken by your smartphone. The portrait photos of shirtless, glasses or hats will not be accepted.

3. Enter the full name correctly
The full name must be input correctly as the ICAO line at the bottom of the passport page. You must fill out the form with your full name, do not omit the middle name (if any). Any typos or mistake in your full name will not be accepted.
Along with the name, you are also requested to fill out the form with correct passport number (do not forget any number or letter, and determine the difference number zero “0” and the letter “O”), date of birth (normally in dd/mm/yyyy format), gender and the passport’s date of expiry.

4. Provide the full address of the hotel or accommodation
When you book a hotel you will be provided with the full name, address of the property including the apartment number, street, ward, district (or city) and province as well as the telephone number. Please use this to fill in the visa application form. Do not fill in the form with the name of hotel only, this will take you to the update request in next few days.
Tips: Hotel name and address should be written in English version as your input with accented Vietnamese may be displayed incorrectly. Please go online at the hotel website, choose English version and copy the name and address in English to put in the visa application form.

5. Speed up the visa process for the return
If you would like to apply for a visa to return to Vietnam when your first visa is expired, you have to do it when you are outside of Vietnam. The Vietnam Immigration Department will not grant a visa to those who are applying for a visa when they are staying in Vietnam. So you will have the option to fly out of the country for Laos, Cambodia or Thailand, apply for a new visa and stay there for 3 – 5 days to wait until the visa is granted.
If you don’t want to wait, you can use the visa speed up service to get it done in the same day. In this case, we may help you if you provide us with your exit stamp, the visa registration number and email address.

Million of foreigners have been granted with e-visa since August 15, 2023 and many of them have problem with the pending visa application at the last minutes. If you have 4 working hours at least to check in the flight, we can help you to speed up the visa process and get it done in time.

Please contact us via telephone number/whatsapp +84-912-685-141 or email, we can definitely help you in if you contact us early enough.