6 things you should do if you lost passport in Vietnam

6 things you should do if you lost passport in Vietnam

Passport is the most important documentation that should be hold with care. The thought of losing passport can be terrifying many people especially while travelling in a foreign country. Even it happens to many people and people can sort it out finally but it can be stressful nonetheless. Here are some tips that keep you calm in the unfortunate situation:

1. Backup your documents:

Things you should do before you lose your passport:
– Keep backup your photo of passport and visa;
– Take a copy of your passport and visa, a passport sized photo and mail to yourself so that you could use it in crisis;
– You should have your phone number and contact details in Vietnam (hotel name and address) that someone may call you when they found your passport;
– You should take a photo of your visa approval letter or e-visa as a proof that you get entry Vietnam legally and the Vietnam Immigration Department may track it on their system;

2. Use social media to find your passport

You may post on your Facebook and ask your friends to share. In Vietnam, it is very helpful if your post is widely shared on public group and forum. The opportunity to find out your passport is better. Just remember not to share your passport information but only your name, your recent taken photo, time and place where you lost your passport.

3. Make a report to police

In case you don’t find out your passport, you will need a report to police on your passport lost to arrange an exit visa. You should visit the nearest local police station to make a report as soon as possible.

4. Ask for help from your embassy or consulate

If you cannot find out your passport you will need help from your embassy or consulate. Your embassy or consulate will issue a temporary passport and a diplomatic note to send to the Vietnam Immigration Department for exit visa. In order to get a temporary passport, you are required to provide following documents:
– Proof of present address;
– Proof of date of birth;
– Affidavit stating how, when and where the passport lost;
– Police report on passport lost;
– Self-attested photocopy of your old passport;

5. Change your flight

You call your airline to inform your situation that you won’t be able to board the flight since you lost your passport. You need to change your flight so that you have more time to arrange an exit visa.

6. Apply for exit visa

You should contact the Vietnam Immigration Department to apply for an exit visa. You should bring along with the following documents:
– Your temporary passport;
– Police report on passport lost;
– A diplomatic note of your embassy or consulate;
– Your copy of rescheduled air ticket;
– Your accommodation registration issued by your hotel and certified by local police;
– Processing fee;
After receiving your application and documents, the Vietnam Immigration Department will issue an exit visa within 3 – 5 working days.
You can also get the assistance from the Vietnam visa agency to arrange exit visa faster.