Cheapest Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabia citizens

Vietnam visa fee for Saudi Arabia passports

Saudi Arabia nationals are required to apply for visa to enter Vietnam. Processing time would normally take 3 – 5 working days. From Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabia citizens have 2 options to apply for Vietnam visa: apply visa at the Vietnam Embassy or apply visa on arrival. Many Saudi Arabia travelers choose visa on arrival as this is the cheapest and safest way to get Vietnam visa at present.

1. How difficult to apply for Vietnam visa from Saudi Arabia?

As a desert country in Middle East, it is not easy to approach the Vietnam Embassy from remote areas of Saudi Arabia. You may have to drive hours in the heat of desert to the Vietnam Embassy in Saudi Arabia. Believe us, you don’t want to be late as you may have to get back to the embassy next morning.
When you arrived you will be required to fill in the form and get in lines, wait your turn to submit the documentation. You only know if your visa approved or not in 5 working days afterwards. In case the visa application is denied, you must take the documents back and start from beginning. You are tired and stressful, right?
Luckily, all these troublesome and lengthy process will not disturb you anymore with visa on arrival service.
Visa on arrival is designated for the Saudi Arabia citizens traveling Vietnam by airplane. Below is the advantage of visa on arrival:
– You don’t have to travel long distance to apply for a visa;
– You don’t have to send off your original passport;
– You don’t have to pay any hidden fees;
– You don’t have to spend much time on applying for visa;
All these things will help you to save a lot of money.

2. How much Vietnam visa cost for Saudi Arabia?

At present, the Saudi Arabia can apply for 1 month or 3 months tourist visa on arrival with single or multiple entry. When applying for Vietnam visa, the Saudi Arabia citizens have to pay 2 kinds of fee:

2.1 The processing fee:

 Visa typeValidityProcessing fee
11 month single entry tourist visa (DL visa)30 days95 USD
23 months single entry tourist visa (DL visa)85 - 90 days160 USD
31 month multiple entry tourist visa (DL visa)30 days115 USD
43 months multiple entry tourist visa (DL visa)85 - 90 days185 USD
(*) At present, you don't have to provide any extra documents to apply for Vietnam visa. It's very simple for the citizens of Africa, Middle East and Muslim countries to get entry visa for Vietnam these days!

2.2 The stamping fee:

– 1 month and 3 months single entry: 25 USD;
– 1 month and 3 months multiple entry: 50 USD;
The stamping fee will be paid in cash at visa counter at arrival airport when you arrive in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa application for Saudi Arabia nation: All you need to know

All the citizens of Saudi Arabia will need a visa for Vietnam for both tourism or business purposes. Nowadays, the Saudi passport holders can easily apply for Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Saudi Arabia or apply online to pickup visa at arrival airport. Visa on arrival is one of the easiest and cheapest way....