Vietnamese Tet holiday 2024 and how to get Vietnam visa during the holiday?

How to get a Vietnam visa on Tet holiday 2024

Tet holiday, also known as Lunar New Year, is a traditional holiday of the Vietnamese people. Tet holiday usually starts from December 29 to January 3 of the lunar year. During this time, the Vietnamese people will take a rest after a busy year. The people living far from home will travel long distances to return their home to visit grandparents, parents, and relatives. This can be considered the most important and longest holiday in Vietnam, a time for everyone to reunite with their families.

What to do with Vietnam visa applications before Tet holiday?

In 2024, the Tet holiday will start from February 8 to February 14, 2024. During this time, the government organizations including the Vietnam Immigration Department, the only agency that issues the visa to foreigners, will stop working. The Vietnam Immigration Department’s website still accepts Vietnam visa applications, but these applications will be processed after February 14, 2024.
Customers who travel Vietnam during this holiday time should note:

1) Apply for a Vietnam visa early (5-7 working days before the holiday) to ensure you will receive the visa before the Vietnam Immigration Department is closed for the holiday;

2) Check the issued visas to make sure there are no errors or mistakes such as wrong date of entry or date of birth; incorrect full name, passport number or passport validity;

3) Visa applications need to be updated the information such as full name, temporary residence address in Vietnam or photos should be completed 5-7 working days before the holiday time;

4) Visas that have been submitted but still show “in processing” status need to be approved urgently before the holiday time;

5) Visa processing time will take from 5 to 7 working days, so foreigners who plan to enter Vietnam right after the holidays should also apply for a visa as soon as possible.

How to apply for Vietnam visa during Tet holiday?

In case you forgot to apply for a visa before the Tet holiday or you have applied for a visa but the application is still in “in processing” status or you have received a visa but there are errors in full name, date of birth, passport number or passport validity… you can apply for an urgent visa with us.

1) For foreigners who have not yet applied for a visa: We will provide an approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department in time for your flight and send our staff to meet you at Vietnam airport, assist you in completing entry procedures and getting a visa stamp in your passport.

2) For foreigners who have received a visa but have incorrect or missing information, including:
– Full name is missing the middle name or is misspelled;
– Date of birth is incorrect;
– Passport number is wrong or missing digits (please note that the passport numbers may have the number zero (0) which can easily be mistaken for the letter “O”);
– Wrong passport expiration date;
– The entry date is wrong or the foreigner wants to travel Vietnam earlier than the start date metioned on the visa
If you got such an issue, we will help you update the information on the system and send our staff to meet you at Vietnam airport, ensuring you receive a Vietnam visa and enter safely.

3) For visas that are in “in processing” status, there are 2 possibilities:
– We use the visa application code and email that you applied for a visa, then speed up the process and complete the visa in time for your flight;
– We will use a visa on arrival instead;

Tet is a long holiday that greatly affects the work and travel schedules of the foreigners in Vietnam. Therefore, to be proactive about your travel time, you should make a detailed plan as soon as possible. The visa application should best be completed 7-10 days before the holiday and should be checked carefully to avoid errors that may affect your trip.
In case of emergency, we are ready to help you process an urgent Vietnam visa in a very short time, helping you enter Vietnam safely, legally and without affecting your schedule.

Please contact us via telephone or Whatsapp +84-912-685-141 or send an email to, we can definitely help you if you contact us early enough.