Why should you apply for private visa approval letter?

Why should you apply for private visa approval letter?

Sometime, when you apply for visa on arrival, you receive a visa approval letter with many strange names on it. You are worried that your information can be seen by others. You don’t worry, with our private visa approval letter your information is protected.

Normally, when the Vietnam Immigration Department processes visa for foreigners, they group some orders in same visa approval letter to shorten the processing time (less signature, less print job and less mistake). This is quite common process and the issued visa approval letter is totally legitimate. You feel free to enter Vietnam with shared visa approval letter with 15 – 20 names displayed on it. But you may be worried that your information can be seen by other people. Yes, that is problem since the passport number is almost the same as the national identification number in many countries and it is connected to others personal data.
However, with a private visa approval letter, your information is not shared with other people thus it is totally secured.
Please see the picture below to see the difference between private visa approval letter and shared visa approval letter:
Private visa approval letter:
Private visa approval letter
Shared visa approval letter:
Shared visa approval letter

How to apply private visa approval letter without paying extra charge?

At www.e-visasvietnam.com, we are committed to providing private visa approval letter without any extra charge. In order to apply for private visa approval letter, kindly follow these steps:

Step 1: Select online application form at https://www.e-visasvietnam.com/apply-for-visa-on-arrival/ and fill out the form with required information
Step 2: Check the information against your passport and make payment as the guidance
Step 3: Receive visa approval letter within 2 working days (normal service) or even 1 hour (emergency service)
Step 4: Print out the letter of approval and bring along with your passport, 2 photos and stamping fee to get on the plane. Upon arrival, you’ll present all the documents at visa counter, pay the stamping fee and get visa stamped onto your passport.

We understand what you mind and we provide 100% private visa approval letter to our customers without paying extra fee. Now you can travel Vietnam with peace of mind that your personal data is protected!

We are here ready to help you!

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